Story of Allan Hudson

Della Hudson lives with her husband Allen in Warwickshire. The couple has no problems, and a neighbor takes care of them and visits them periodically. The reason Mr. Hudson needs a walking stick all the time is that he suffers from osteoarthritis, which is why he has not developed diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, or dementia.

Della Hudson tried to stop him from walking in the morning and evening, but Mr. Hudson was adamant. When Mrs. Hudson received a survey call through which she learned about Doctor Alert, she became pretty worried and was trying to come up with a way to provide some security to her husband. The health advisor was willing to schedule a time for a further discussion. She ordered a portable PERS from a Doctor Alert health advisor after learning about the uses and benefits of the device. As Mr. Hudson is quite orthodox and does not believe in wearing such gadgets, Mrs. Hudson faced a challenge in getting him to wear the device. In his opinion, a phone should be used only for talking, so he still uses a rudimentary mobile phone. He eventually gave in to Della’s demands, thinking that using the device would at least provide him with some peace of mind and also provide her with some assurance of his safety.

Doctor Alert detected Mr. Hudson’s fall alert at 12:09 pm, but could not detect a response from the other side. When the support team disconnected the call, they tried to reach Mr. Hudson’s phone number, but it kept ringing. To register the device, Mr. Hudson had to provide two mandatory numbers, but he declined to provide them. Consequently, he could not be reached at any other telephone number. A second SOS alarm was detected at 12:25 pm from the same device, but the other party did not respond. The support team quickly connected 999 emergency services and informed them of the incident after identifying the silent alarms as distress calls. The rescue team dispatched the police and ambulance, but when they arrived at Mr. Hudson’s house, they found the main door locked from the inside. The police called his name and coaxed the doorbell, but there was no response from inside the house. She also was not reachable by phone, according to the neighbors, who said she had been seen stepping out a while ago.

It was only possible to enter the house after the rescue team broke into the house. After doing so, Mr. Hudson was found unconscious in the toilet. The rescue operation team reported that he was bleeding profusely from his forehead and nose after slipping and landing face down on the floor. A short time later, when the team from Doctor Alert was able to speak with Mrs. Hudson, they learned she had gone grocery shopping, and her phone had somehow been set to silent. Suddenly cramping in his knee, Mr. Hudson was unable to balance himself and fell. The bruises he received were not that severe, however, if fall alert had not gone through, it could have been worse. The victim, who had been unconscious by then, pressed the SOS button once when he regained some consciousness, but was not able to speak. The Doctor Alert team had yet another success. Our team at Doctor Alert wishes the Hudson family long and happy life and will always be on hand in case anything untoward happens.

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