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Telecare Equipment for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home can provide people and their families with comfort, security, and peace of mind when their health or mental state has deteriorated to the point that they need extra assistance or 24/7 care. Residents of assisted living facilities may not be under constant staff supervision, however, since they enjoy a high degree of independence. Even a short period of time without discovering a fall or heart attack can be disastrous. In addition to providing added safety to residents of assisted living communities, medical alerts can also be valuable tools for people who choose to age at home. Staff can’t be with residents all the time, even in nursing home environments where residents are being cared for and monitored. Individuals need time alone sometimes. Medical emergencies can also happen while a resident is sleeping; they may wake up with chest pain or feel ill. When an emergency occurs, medical alert systems help staff and medical personnel respond quickly.


Doctor Alert Alarms keeps a close surveillance to help in case of emergencies

Services provided by Doctor Alert Alarm System include:

  • Telecare monitoring – 24/7
  • Telehealth monitoring
  • Domestic violence calls
  • Elderly Individuals
  • Vigilance on differently abled individuals
  • Reassurance calls

Hospitals & similar organizations Recognize the Value

In hospitals both within and outside of the hospital, medical alerts are becoming more popular among patients as they see their benefits. When individuals have previously been hospitalized and are now well enough to live independently at home, this provides reassurance that help is always available. Our aging loved ones will be able to utilize these devices not only in their homes, but also at the places we trust to care for them. As a skilled provider of quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities, we have a strong foundation of experience, innovation, and customer service.

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Customer Testimonials

You will find here the stories of those who have trusted us over the years and benefited from it in times of crisis!

"I bought this for my mother so we would have peace of mind since she lives alone. The experience so far has been good and setting it up over the phone was very simple."
"I found the staff to be very helpful in solving my problem. The staff were very courteous and helpful in setting up the device. I felt very safe once the alarm system was set up, and I didn't need to worry about falling anymore."
"Doctor Alert is a phenomenal service, so helpful. I had no problems setting up the alarms and their professionals were helpful in resolving signal problems."
Jean Dand
"I had excellent service when I last needed assistance. Call was answered promptly and was helpful with my needs. Ambulance was called promptly and arrived ASAP. Thanks for your wonderful service."
Margaret Anderson

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