Once you receive your package you should activate the device and test them.

The cost of the device is included in the one-off cost.

Call Customer Care at

From the UK: 0800 520 0168 / 0129 373 0851       

From outside the UK: +44 800 520 0168 / +44 129 373 0851

All the registered phone numbers will receive alert messages and your device will contact each one one by one until the call is answered. The 24/7 care centre will also be alerted, and an operator will attend you.

Since the device is mobile and GPS enabled, you can take it anywhere and it will track you.

Water-resistant devices are indeed available. During bathing, it can be used, but should not be immersed in chlorinated water.

Sure, you can. It comes with a two-way speaker system.

While sleeping, we recommend keeping the pendant within reach rather than wearing it.

You can cancel the service anytime once you order if you are not satisfied with the service.

No, the SIM costs are covered under the monthly monitoring fees.


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Customer Testimonials

You will find here the stories of those who have trusted us over the years and benefited from it in times of crisis!

"I bought this for my mother so we would have peace of mind since she lives alone. The experience so far has been good and setting it up over the phone was very simple."
"I found the staff to be very helpful in solving my problem. The staff were very courteous and helpful in setting up the device. I felt very safe once the alarm system was set up, and I didn't need to worry about falling anymore."
"Doctor Alert is a phenomenal service, so helpful. I had no problems setting up the alarms and their professionals were helpful in resolving signal problems."
Jean Dand
"I had excellent service when I last needed assistance. Call was answered promptly and was helpful with my needs. Ambulance was called promptly and arrived ASAP. Thanks for your wonderful service."
Margaret Anderson

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