The story of Lawrence W. Mitchell

In Leicestershire, Lawrence W. Mitchell lives alone. He has a daughter who lives with her family in Manchester. Mr. Mitchell, who is now 80 years old, is self-sufficient and able to take care of himself fairly well. Jenny is concerned about the condition of her father and calls him twice a day to see if he is taking medications as prescribed or if he is eating his breakfast, lunch, and dinner as prescribed.

Jenny has been trying very hard to convince Mr. Mitchell to appoint a caregiver, but he has a very different philosophy about them, so it has always been a firm “NO” from him.

Mr. Mitchell chose a Doctor Alert panic pendant and 24-hour monitoring service for his daughter because of his age and vulnerability. He tracked his movements on a map through a mobile application, which enabled his daughter to track him. Additionally, Mr. Mitchell can quickly summon help with the device’s “SOS” button in case of an emergency.

Jenny’s emergency number was one of the two found on the device. With the device, he could now easily connect to Jenny by long-pressing a button and dialing her number. M. Mitchell felt comfortable using this device for now because the security was wholesome.

Mr. Mitchell’s device sent the Doctor Alert team an “SOS” call at 2:32 a.m. on a Tuesday in March. Despite being connected, the other party did not answer and suddenly there was a yell, and everything fell silent again. Upon calling up the landline of the customer, the support team thought it was fishy, but it was also on voicemail.

Despite Jenny’s mobile number being listed as an emergency contact, the support team couldn’t reach her due to the late hour, and her voicemail was also on. As she stayed far away, she couldn’t reach out immediately. Fortunately, they reached her on her landline and informed her about the matter.

There was a second emergency contact number of Mr.Mitchell’s neighbor, Mr.Falco but as he was 90 years old the team decided not to disturb him at that hour. The case was identified as an emergency, and the 999 emergency services were intimated at 2:45 am. Sensing the severity of the situation, the rescue team dispatched their paramedic team immediately. When the paramedics reached Mr.Mitchell’s residence, they tried to call him but received no response at all, they had to break into the property.

Within the house, they found everything in place. There was no unnatural displacement that could suggest the presence of an intruder. When they reached the bedroom, they found Mr.Mitchell unconscious, lying face up on his bed, eyes closed. It was evident from the posture that he fell on his bed impromptu. Though he was still breathing, his pulse was unsteady and his body temperature was pretty low.

The paramedic’s team sensed a heart failure, treated him with medicines, and with proper care rushed him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with Coronary Thrombosis which he could only sustain as he was rescued within 25 minutes of its occurrence.

It was another success for the Doctor Alert team that could save a person from a critical situation where the panic pendant acted as a shield between life and death.

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