A Doctor Alert User Was Rescued

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We are thrilled that human trials for a Coronavirus vaccine will begin on Thursday at the University of Oxford (as announced by the UK health minister), but Doctor Alert is also pleased to share another incident that occurred on 21st April. Even though it was not a life-threatening case, it has been challenging to assist the affected individuals within this distorted phase of the Corona outbreak. In addition, we applaud the quick response of the emergency paramedic team that reached out to the patient’s home in minimum time after the Doctor Alert operator received the “Fall Down” alert.

As soon as the user fell on the floor, our response center received an SOS call. Despite badly hurting his ribs and catching breathing problems, he was still brave enough to inform professionals of the situation, which made it easier for them to handle. Even though we could have handled this remotely with some advice and guidance from neighbors or other emergency contacts registered with us, we preferred people not to intervene when the country is under lockdown and asked to keep a social distance. To avoid lifting heavy objects or taking deep breaths, he was advised not to. As soon as the paramedics arrived on the scene, they performed some rapid tests to diagnose the situation. With just a few medicines provided, the patient experienced a huge relief, and Doctor Alert again had the privilege of providing technology and care to someone in need.

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