The Doctor Alert system produce you contact to emergency help wherever you are, 24/7 days a week—so you and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you’re never alone.

Or call us to book
Or call us to book
We are always there as we believe in the saying
“Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”.
Our dream is to make sure all citizens utilize their freedom to live and live better.
Subscribing this service helps you to avoid any struggle during any crisis, Anytime

Wear our emergency alert bracelet or pendant at all times, so if you find yourself alone in a crisis situation and all you have to do is push the button to get connected to help directly through the system’s base.


In the event of an emergency, you simply press the button on the pendant and this will initiate a call to Doctor Alert™ Monitoring center, which is available every second.


This is an alert that most users insist on as it automatically detects falls and report it to the monitoring team that can get you help in minutes.


A two way speaker that enables the user to communicate through it eliminating dependency from landline or mobile phone.


AGPS technology enables the device to track real-time & accurate location helping the monitoring center to keep 24/7 vigilance on the user.


Your call will be answered in seconds – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by one of our representatives to arrange help.

Being with Doctor Alert gives me a sense of independence.

Mr. Mitchell


The response team has been a savior for me when I fell down from stairs. They arranged the Ambulance in 10-15mins

Mrs. Ogston


Doctor Alert On The Go


The Doctor Alert On The Go 24/7 Connect Alarm is a 24/7 monitored, fully mobile personal alarm for the elderly, including a GPS tracker feature.

Doctor Alert V1

Out of Stock

Your Doctor Alert V1 with a one-of-a-kind technology providing “Activity Reminder” : Automated message to remind essential regular activities taking medication etc.

Doctor Alert V2

Out of Stock

This pendant will be with you always, anywhere. No external gadget. Supports a mobile application for Caregivers along with management platforms for institutions.

old men heart attack
The story of Lawrence W. Mitchell

Mr. Lawrence W. Mitchell lives alone in Leicestershire. His daughter is married and lives with her family in Manchester. Being at the age of eighty, Mr.Mitchell has been self-sufficient and is able to take care of himself reasonably well. It was a Tuesday in the month of March when the Doctor Alert team detected an “SOS” call from Mr.Mitchell’s device at 2:32am. Though the call was connected, there was no response from the other side and suddenly a yell and all went silent again. The activity seemed fishy to the support team when they rang up his landline but it was also on voicemail. There was a second emergency contact number of Mr.Mitchell’s neighbor, Mr.Falco but as he was 90 years old the team decided not to disturb him at that hour. The case was identified as an emergency, and the 999 emergency services were intimated at 2:45am. When the paramedics reached Mr.Mitchell’s residence, they found Mr.Mitchell unconscious, lying face up on his bed, eyes closed. It was evident from the posture that he fell on his bed impromptu. Though he was still breathing, his pulse was unsteady and the body temperature was pretty low. The paramedic’s team sensed a heart failure, treated him with medicines and with proper care rushed him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with Coronary Thrombosis which he could only sustain as he was rescued within 25 minutes of its occurrence. It was another success for the Doctor Alert team that could save a person from a critical situation where the panic pendant acted as a shield between life and death.

The story of Mrs.Freda Ogston

Mrs.Freda Ogston lives independently as her two sons stay at different locations in UK due to their professional engagements. Life was taking its own course and things were so hunky dory, but misfortunes befall people in so many ways! One fine morning Mrs. Ogston was into some household chores when she suddenly felt uneasiness in breathing. She searched for her inhaler but she couldn’t recollect where she had kept it by chance that day. She was extremely distressed, sweating out, panting for a gasp of breath when she remembered that there was something she could do. She reached out for the emergency alert device that she has been wearing around her neck and with her trembling hands, securing all her might, pressed the SOS button when the call got connected to the Central Monitoring Centre of Doctor Alert. She quickly related her situation. The operator assured her of immediate help and remained on the call with her just to keep her in sense till the help arrived.Readily the situation was reported to 999 rescue team placing them in a conference with the customer. The rescue team understood the urgency of the situation and an ambulance was sent to Mrs. Ogston’s residence within 13 minutes. The total rescue operation was completed within 55 minutes since the alarm was raised by the distressed. The Doctor Alert team also contacted Mrs. Ogston’s sons who were worried about the situation and informed them that she was fine.To the team back at the Central Monitoring Centre-The ecstasy of saving a life is the biggest motivation they could ever have.

old man fell down
The story of Mr.Allan Hudson

Mr.Allan Hudson lives with his wife Della in Warwickshire. The couple is issue-less and is attended by a neighbor who takes care and visits them intermittently. Although Mr.Hudson is keeping fit with no physical ailments he has been suffering from Osteoarthritis since the last five years which is why he requires a walking stick all the time. At 12:09 pm, the Doctor Alert team detects a Fall Alert from Mr.Hudson’s device but couldn’t detect any response from the other side. Disconnecting the call, the support team called up Mr.Hudson’s phone number but it kept on ringing. Another SOS alarm was detected from the same device at 12:25pm but again there was no response from the other side. Identifying the silent alarms as distress calls, the support team wasted no time in connecting the 999 emergency services and updating them about the incident. When the rescue team reached the residence of Mr. Hudson, they found the main door locked from inside. The situation was such that the rescue team had no other option but to break in to the house. They did so and finally found Mr.Hudson unconscious in the toilet. It was apparent that he somehow slipped and fell on the floor face down position that left him bleeding profusely from his forehead and nose (as has been reported by the rescue operation team). The bruises he underwent were not that severe but it could have been even worse if fall alert didn’t go through. The Doctor Alert team wishes the Hudson family a long and independent life.


Please call Customer Care at
From the UK: 0800 066 2507/ 0129 373 0851
From outside the UK: +44 800 066 2507/ +44 129 373 0851
Your device will send alert message to all the registered phone numbers and start contacting them one after the other till the call is attended. The 24/7 care centre will also be alerted and you will be attended by an operator from the care centre.
You need not worry. The care centre has a system of testing your device remotely. Alternatively you also can long press the “Call” button by the side of your device to call your caregiver number and talk to him/her.
As the device is mobile based and is GPS enabled, you can move with it anywhere and you will be trackable.
Yes your device is water resistant. It can be used while bathing but should not be imersed in chlorinated water.
Yes you can. It has a two way speaker system.
We recommend that you keep the pendant within reach while sleeping.
Yes, You can use any lanyard with this device.


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