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Parenthood & Childhood

Be a child or a parent, this relationship is a beautiful & a significant one indeed.

We need to be involved, we need to get on each other’s level, we need to emphasize on the importance of family time. We need to dedicate one-on-one time for the individuals, have meals together.

Stay in touch with academics, friendships, and extracurricular.Be trustworthy & kid around sometimes.

Listen…carefully & share. Be firm, fair & friendly.

Most importantly, include them in decisions.


What to Do When You Really Have a Favorite Kid

Acknowledge your feelings to yourself. Spend one-on-one time with each child. Make your rules and consequences fair & equal for all the kids. Praise good behavior from everyone.

Avoid singling someone out. Address concerns immediately with a balance in prioritizing case to case basis.

Inspite of following above, if things do not improve, get professional advice. Situation will be better.


Making Stronger Bonds in Blended Families

In most cases, blended family dynamics are little complicated. And stepparent and stepsibling relationships might need some special attention to ensure that they mature in a healthy way.

Acknowledge problems as they arise. Organize Adult-Only meetings. Make sure to adjust time for kids & schedule work as per their requirement. Create new family traditions which will encourage all & make you feel close bringing new excitement.

Inspite of following above, if things do not improve, get professional advice. Situation will be better.

Is There Really Balance as a Working Mom?

For these types of moms, finding balance may be defined as disconnecting from work when they are home. Leaving phones, tablets, and computers off during dinner time, and committing family time to weekends is one example of how balance can be achieved.
Find your definition of balance. Separate work from home. Schedule activities for self-care & childcare. Ask for help or hire someone (if possible) when you need additional assistance to be taken care of.
When you are more present, you are not only happier and less anxious, but you are less likely to miss fine details and forget important events both at work and at home.
Find a shortcut & simplify to find better ways of being together. No one is perfect, hence we need to learn to accept imperfections. Be kind, don’t judge, situation is not same for all.


Tips for Talking to Your Kids About the Fact That You’re Dating

Dating is exciting and scary at the same time.Its difficult to control enthusiasm however we need to be little careful about timing of introducing your loved one to your parents. Be sure yourself & then proceed.

For parents, calm your kids’ fear. Keep things in prespective. Share your opinions, experiences, thoughts& help kids in deciding. Inspire them, don’t influence. Offer reassurance that no matter what the situation might be, you will be there.


Parents Fighting Affects a Child’s Mental Health

Few occasional disagreements usually aren’t a big deal but if they become regular, then it might turn into an issue. Just because your fights don’t get physical doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful to your kids.Insults, threats of abandonment, any form of physical aggression, walking out or withdrawing from the argument are instances which impact a child’s mind badly which need to be realized.

Figure out the issues with matured conversations & look for solutions where both can contribute. If not, consider seeing a therapist.


Ways to Build Character in Children

When your child has the opportunity to make a decision (say, having to choose between two friends), help her take ethical action and see the positive results in her daily life.

Be a role model. Use teachable moments to build character. Tell stories from literature and life. Provide opportunities to practice whatever they like.


Inspite of following above, if things do not improve, get professional advice. Situation will be better.

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