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On The Go V2.0


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Doctor Alert On The Go V2.0 has all features from the initial version with far more advanced technology & utilities like :
Activity Reminder: Delivers reminders and check-ins. When a call is answered we play a message reminding the listener to do important tasks, such as taking medication.
V2.0 has clear reception everywhere with network coverage all over Europe. Also, it is lighter & more comfortable to carry with a mix of safety & fashion.

In the event of an emergency, you simply press the button on the pendant and this will initiate a call to Doctor Alert™ Monitoring center, which is available every second.

This is an alert that most users insist on as it automatically detects falls and report it to the monitoring team that can get you help in minutes.

A two way speaker that enables the user to communicate through it eliminating dependency from landline or mobile phone.

AGPS technology enables the device to track real-time & accurate location helping the monitoring center to keep 24/7 vigilance on the user.

Helps in scheduling medication reminders, receiving friendly reminders & any other important activity like bill payments/appointments etc.

• Dimension:62mm*47.5mm*18mm; Weight: 54g.
• Backup battery: Rechargeable, 3.7V,1000mAh.
• Connectors: 4 Pin-Magnet for charging.
• SIM card slot: Nano SIM card; e sim card.
• Flash memory: 1MB.
• Built-in microphone& speaker.
• WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4G.
• BLE: BT5.0 LE.

Additional Alerts & Features

• 4G Connectivity
Support various 4G bands, it will fall back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage.

Wireless Charging
A QI charger provides a quick charging and easy to use.

• SOS Alarm
It sends SOS alarm in real-time with the complete location details of the device if a person that is in danger presses the SOS/panic button.

• No Motion & Motion Detection
A motion sensor uses multiple technologies to detect movement or no movement. If a sensor is triggered, an alarm is sent to your contact person or a monitoring centre immediately.

• Two-way Calling
Use two-way calling to call your loved ones at any time, they can even call you with the touch of a button.

• Fall Down Alarm
Be notified if a potential fall or collision has taken place. Fast alerts allow you to react promptly.

• Set up Geofences & Alerts
Set multiple Geofences and receive alerts as a device enters or exits a particular area.

• Waterproof
Wear in the shower- Fall in the shower- Get immediate assistance.

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