Monitoring and Response Services

DoctorAlert™ has its own dedicated monitoring operation with a full telecare monitoring capability, allowing us to protect people in your care, 24/7.We offer a wide range of services tailored to every users and their needs and cater to individuals with hearing impairment , dementia and disabled patients.

DoctorAlert™ performs to the Telecare Service Association (TSA) Quality Standards of Framework.

We monitor incoming emergency alarm calls (telecare) Geo Fence, Overspeed and several other alarms triggered in our monitoring platform. We respond to fall alerts and can provide additional services such as outbound reassurance calls, manual equipment test calls to meet client needs as required.

DoctorAlert™’s 24/7 Monitoring Centre offers:

  • Telecare monitoring – 24/7.
  • Outbound reassurance calls.
  • On boarding new users with ease.
  • Explaining the benefits and usability to new users.
  • Demonstrate accountability for delivery of safe services while dealing with users and their representatives
  • Escalate emergency cases to the paramedics’ team.
  • Stay on call until help arrives.
  • Notify the emergency contacts available in the system.
  • Procedures for reporting and escalating incidents
  • Store all call recordings of emergency cases with case reference number.
  • Study the activities of each users with the data available and predict possible severe outcomes that may occur in future.
  • Prepare case history for cases.


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