How to stay prepared for emergency during COVID19


Stay prepared for Emergency

Tip 1: Keep Contact Details updated & handy

Phone numbers for family / GP / friends / neighbours / cares shall be collectedwhom you would like to contact in an urgent situation.Keep this list in a handy location, like on your refrigerator door or next to the phone where you have frequent & clear visibility.

Every moment counts during emergency& knowing where to find critical information can save you valuable time in the event you need it.

Tip 2: Store essential commodities

Ensure your medications are kept in stock. Request a family member, friend, or another support person to get these delivered from the pharmacy so you can stay in when you need more or ask them to order online. An extra supply of food shall also be kept as buffer. This will lowerthe potential exposure to the virus.

Tip 3: Prepare a List of Local Resources

You may have valuable resources available in your locality such as grocery delivery services or any other providers for items / utilities of regular use however we need to ensure that materials are stocked as per requirement.

This information needs to be kept ready to get support easily.

Tip 4: Arrange a Medical Alert System

A medical alert system is one of the smartest ways which seniors can organize to handle any emergency. With 24/7 monitoring, Doctor Alert ensures, you’re able to connect with an emergency response operator anytime with just the push of a button. It’s a small measure that yields a huge return of independence and peace of mind.

How a Medical Alert System is beneficial-

  • Getting help in case of a fall
  • Contacting loved ones
  • Maintaining your independence
  • Protecting you from more than just falls

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