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doctor alert help old people - emergency services

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doctor alert help old people - emergency services

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doctor alert help old people - emergency services

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Doctor Alert vs. Non-monitored systems.

Doctor Alert chooses to offer a monitored service because there is too much risk involved in having a non-monitored service, especially when risk involves the lives of your loved ones. Many customers chose Doctor Alert after trying a non-monitored service and not being satisfied with the level of comfort they get.  Doctor Alert is committed to monitoring its customers 24/7/365, to give users and families the reassurance that help is truly only a press of a button away. See how Doctor Alert works.

What are the benefits of Doctor Alert in a real life situation?
Michelle Watson is 95 and lives alone at home. She wakes up from her afternoon nap to get some water, but has a fall in the kitchen, at 3:50pm. She tries, but she can’t get up.

If Michelle had a non-monitored product, this would be the most likely scenario:

Emergency process
1. Michelle presses her emergency pendant
2. Unit calls the first contact – no answer, her son Andrew is in a meeting and his phone is on silent
3. Unit calls the second contact – no answer, her grandson Malcolm is out with friends
4. Unit calls the third contact – 999
5. Message is played for the ambulance service – there is no open call with the ambulance service
6. Ambulance gets dispatched without any knowledge of customers records
7. Ambulance service has no idea on how to get into Mrs. Watson’s home, so they will most likely have to wait until the police comes over
8. Assistance is finally rendered to Mrs. Watson

Time for response: Unknown

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer needs: Low – only if customer can convey message

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer’s medical record:  None – non-monitored systems do not have access to customers medical records, therefore cannot provide any help to the ambulance.

Chances of ambulance having to break into customer’s premises:  High – even if a non-monitored solution provider sells a lockbox, they have no way to give information of location and combination to the emergency services, which could result in delays or even a break-in for the ambulance to access your premises.

Now, this is what would happen if Michelle had a Doctor Alert:

Emergency process
1. Michelle presses her emergency pendant
2. Michelle gets connected with Doctor Alert’s dedicated operators.
3. Operator speaks with Michelle and reassures Michelle that Doctor Alert will arrange an Ambulance and does a 3-way voice call with the Ambulance Service and Mrs. Watson. The operator stays on the line as long as Michelle wants.
4. Michelle’s family is called directly after the Ambulance is dispatched and speaks with the family/friend to advise of what has happened
5. Assistance is rendered to Mrs. Michelle

Time for response: Minutes

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer needs: High – Doctor Alert operator remains on the line with the customer and the ambulance service.

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer’s medical record:  High – Doctor Alert helps the ambulance by disclosing important medical information that may save the customer’s life and where approved by the customer access instructions to the premises to avoid any damage to the property

Chances of ambulance having to break into customer’s premises:  Low – most Doctor Alert customers install a lockbox that grants access to emergency services quickly in case of an emergency. The location and combination of the lockbox is given to the ambulance service by Doctor Alert.

Which scenario do you prefer when considering the safety of your loved one? Consider this:
Saving a few pounds for a non-monitored system can mean your loved one may not get the level of care they deserve.
If there is an accidental activation, Doctor Alert will not immediately send help but will speak with the user first, potentially avoiding all the hassle from unnecessary panic or distress.

We upgrade and activate our equipment and its feature online – If the unit needs replacement due to any fault detected we will troubleshoot the unit else will send a replacement completely free of charge.

Doctor Alert panic pendant is a very useful device that addresses acute situations of crisis or even proves to be an angel in situations of life and death.

When a person with a panic pendant falls unexpectedly or has an emergency, such as an adverse reaction to medications, burglary, fire, heart attack, seizures, severe dizziness, strokes, it may be nearly impossible to reach a phone. With the simple push of a button, the system connects the monitoring center and within minutes help arrives to their home. Most importantly, both emergency personnel and family are notified within seconds after the emergency occurs.

The Mobile based GPS enable device is either accompanied with a pendant or a wristlet implanted with a postpaid SIM and fitted with a panic button. Three different mobile numbers can be stored for emergency purposes, one of which is of the dedicated operators center that always keeps vigilance.

The pendant or the wristlet also has a facility of fall detection that can be enabled as an add-on feature on request with upgraded monitoring plans. Apart from fall detection, the customers purchasing “On-the-go” plans, can opt for add on facilities such as live GPS tracking, geo fencing (an alert will be sent to the caregiver if the beneficiary travels beyond a certain distance), No movement alarm(it is a message sent automatically by the device in case no movement is detected for a long period of time), Speed limit exceed alarm (it is a message sent to the caregiver if the beneficiary travels at speeds higher than the benchmark set) etc.

Apart from these value adds, the pendant or device also come with a host lot of value added features such as low charge alert(a message sent automatically to the registered numbers that the device needs to be charged), Water resistant, GPS enabled, provision of registering three numbers, two way speaker system, option to call a particular number by press of a button and speak, auto checking of the device at certain intervals remotely.

The device can be termed as a wholesome safety package that can be used in situations of stress or panic not limited to medical crisis but also various other emergency situations such as burglary, intruder attack, accidents, fire or any crisis situation you can think of. The device can also be provided to children who go to schools so that parents can always check their location in the CRM provided with the device. Ladies can use the GPS enabled wristlet in crisis situations to seek help readily.

On the press of the button over 3 seconds, a message will be sent to all the registered numbers, and the device will also notify the dedicated operators where they can track the location of the beneficiary on the map. The device will also call the registered numbers simultaneously and in case the first number attempted does not respond, it will connect to the second and then to the third. Thus, possibility of not getting help is slim. Once the dedicated operators receives the call, they will readily connect the 999 or other emergency services and get help in minutes.

In situations where the victim has fallen down and can’t move, the device will detect the fall and resort to the same functions as mentioned above. Doctor Alert is not only a device but more of a service that ensures help to its users in any situation.


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