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Doctor Alert V2

A faster way to call for help from your Doctor Alert V2 smart watch.

Just one press and you’ll be connected through the Lively app on your smartphone to our 5Star Urgent Response Service for emergencies big or small. And with its sleek design, no one will even know you’re wearing a medical alert device.

Doctor Alert Wearable V2    £ 159/-* TAX Applicable.

Plus, monthly service

✓ Get help anywhere, 24/7

✓ Sleek and stylish

✓ Fall Detection available

✓ Water resistant

✓ Two- way call feature

✓ Geo -Fence

✓ One year warranty

Select your monitoring Subscription

All in One
Upfront one-off payment

(Includes setup and activation fee) Inc. VAT*

(including VAT £117.6)
(including VAT £117.6)
(including VAT £117.6)
Monthly fees (Lowest price)
£12 per month
(including VAT £14.40)
£15 per month
(including VAT £18)
£18 per month
(including VAT £21.60)
24/7 Response
Instance response button
Falls monitor
Reassurance calls service add-on
No Motion Alerts
Over Speed Alerts
Geofencing Alarm
Cancel any time

Select your monitoring Subscription

Get any kind of help, 24/7

5Star Urgent Response Agents are highly trained in emergency and non-emergency situations. When you contact them through the Lively app on your smartphone, they can send help if you are locked out of your house, having car trouble, in potential danger, or are experiencing a medical emergency.



Press the Doctor Alert smart wearable V1 SOS to call our remote monitoring team, you’re connected to highly-trained operators, who can help in any situation, 24/7.



Our operator will confirm your location through inbuilt GPS system and stay on the line until your situation is resolved.



Our operators will notify emergency contacts and arrange paramedics to rescue from any medical or non-medical emergencies.