Become an Affiliate / Reseller

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Doctor Alert encourages to engage consumers through a variety of distribution models including websites, social media, search, email, mobile apps, offline marketing and more.
Sell products, experiences, and services and reward affiliates for driving desired results.
Our effort & intention cultivates partnerships within our thriving network.

Affiliate Personalization

The model is designed to maximize the value of affiliate partnerships.Our Affiliate Personalization solution provides new ways to collaborate and discover the potential. Set yourself apart and maximize all the benefits of your affiliate partnerships through the scalable, customizable&customer-centric solution in market.


Provide exposure to multi-device customer journeys to grow your program, gain competitive advantage and rewardsduring cross-device journeys. Leverage end-to-end device analytics to maximize placements and partnerships driving value proposition in the course of customer shopping journeys.

Cookie less Tracking

The plan of integration is standard & future-focused.This comprehensive, privacy-friendly solution is to ensure uninterrupted tracking across all devices and environments.

Affiliate Customer Insights

Transparent visibility into the value of affiliate customer shopping behavior in order to understand real-time responses compared to other marketing channels. This includes visibility into affiliate’s influence on lifetime value, offline purchases and orders per customer.

Robust APIs

Tap in to cutting-edge, flexible API’s to discover offers, relationships, and products, as well as to understand program performance—all available in our Developer Portal.


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