3 Tips for Properly Pivoting Your Business Model

Every small business is built on a business model, which is a company’s plan for how they will earn a profit. Traditionally, there are four factors that help small businesses to define their business model.

  • Differentiation and pricing. Many companies, including your competitors, can tell customers that they have the best prices and services. What differentiates your business is an exceptional customer experience.
  • Marketing and sales. You have an amazing business idea — now you need to communicate it to the masses. Various marketing channels, including social media, TV commercials, and print advertising, allow you to build intrigue around your offering and pique that interest into sales.
  • Production and delivery methods. How will you produce products and deliver them to customers? Will you handle production in-house or outsource production?
  • Customer experience and satisfaction. This is the journey that the customer takes with your business. It’s key that you go on this journey with them and continue to find ways to keep reaching, and anticipating, their needs.


Amid COVID-19, many businesses are hard at work pivoting their business models.

Fashion houses are sewing masks and hospital gowns. Automotive companies are manufacturing ventilators. Perfume production facilities and breweries are creating hand sanitizer. In the ongoing “war effort” against the coronavirus, major and small businesses alike have quickly shifted their business models to fight for their own survival.

If your small business is ready to pivot its business model during this unprecedented time, here’s what you need to note before getting started.

1. Small businesses must remain in compliance with quality standards.

Creators are complying with CDC recommendations. Many sellers are including COVID-19 disclaimers on their product pages. Choosing to make fabric face masks? Make sure your business includes a disclaimer that these masks are not medical-grade masks.

2. Pivot based on your core competencies.

In order to successfully pivot a business, lean on your strengths and core competencies. Remember that this is still an uncertain time for all businesses. The successes and failures your small business could experience when pivoting depend on the company’s ability to produce satisfactory results.

3. Focus on how your business can continue to grow its target audience while still fulfilling the needs of customers that built your business.

Pivoting a small business is a fantastic opportunity to build a bigger customer base and secure consumer trust. However, if not done carefully a pivot may also position businesses to lose loyal customers.

Ultimately, the impact companies have on making successful pivots is incredibly profound. The nimble nature of a pivot allows businesses to keep their doors open, retain employees, and provide customers with necessary services and offerings.

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